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EndureQuest Corporation

Automatic Equestrian Stall Waterer

Automatic Equestrian Stall Waterer

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Our Automatic Horse Waterer was designed in house over 20 years ago, to be simple, reliable, and satisfying to use. Our attractive and very durable Automatic Stall Waterer has evolved through conscientious response to customer feedback, into a highly refined, specialty appliance now regarded by many as the premier choice for cost, function, service life, and appearance.

Crafted and produced here at EndureQuest, this exceptional product is constructed from durable polyethylene for prolonged, dependable, corrosion-resistant, and fade-proof service both indoors and outdoors. To ensure usability in freezing temperatures, we offer an optional thermostatically controlled electric immersion heater for your convenience.

Key Features:
  • The skirted area allows for a neat and shielded connection to water.
  • The water level is automatically maintained with an adjustable, enclosed float valve, which is easy to access and completely protected.
  • The perfectly sized bowl is quickly cleaned with a simple push-out bottom drain. It refills automatically in seconds after servicing.
  • A secure, easy-to-install dovetail fixture is provided for stall installation. Clamps are provided for optional pipe corral mounting.


  • Available in a standard color of the granite-grey base. Optional colors can be quoted for quantity purchases at an additional cost.


Requires a ½” pipe-size water connection with the supply valve preferably terminating near or within the skirted area of the waterer for appearance and safety.
The water should be household quality and may require an in-line water filter (not included) in some low water-quality situations.

Additional Information:
Weight - 14 lb.
Dimensions -17 × 18 × 13 in
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