Mighty Dog House Guarantee

Lifetime Warranty

At Endurequest, our primary emphasis is on creating dog houses that focuses on utility and high quality. We are committed to delivering excellence, as demonstrated by our one-piece, sturdy dog houses that boast enhanced structural integrity, resilience against dents, and colors that maintain their appearance. To underscore our commitment to your satisfaction, we are delighted to offer you a Lifetime Warranty with your purchase.

What the Warranty Covers

We assure you that your dog house is free from material and workmanship defects, ensuring it remains in functioning condition throughout your ownership. This warranty is dedicated to preserving the quality of your purchase, assuring you of a long-lasting and reliable dog house.

What the Warranty Doesn't Cover

Our warranty  does not cover specific types of damage, including those resulting from misuse and abuse, or accidental incidents. Additionally, if the dog house is used in a non-standard manner or modified the warranty may become void.  Lastly, it's important to note that regular wear and tear associated with the standard usage of the product, such as minor surface scratches, is considered normal and falls outside the coverage provided by the warranty.

How to Use the Warranty

If you ever encounter a problem covered by this warranty (which is a rare occurrence), here's what you should do:
Contact us at Endurequest.
Show your purchase receipt as evidence of your warranty coverage.
Provide photos displaying the damage.
Our team will then assess the situation and guide you through the warranty process.